About ZeeBoer

ZeeBoer connects partners in building industries. We serve manufacturers, suppliers and trading companies. We also support specification writers and supply marketers in the construction area.

Several of our 120 clients have been with us for more than 20 years. Our solutions give knowledge, support the acquisition process, bring leads and a long-term return on marketing investment.

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ZeeBoer is a consultancy agency that focuses on the building industry. Spreading product information, specifications, technical knowledge and processing advice are the key targets we manage. Our clients sell solutions for construction and engineering. Unlike other marketing tools, our services guide the sales process of our clients.

ZeeBoer thinks manufactures are the key to knowledge in construction area. Inquiries show that project developers seek help for the lack of information they see with themselves.

ZeeBoer develops decision making tools, that manufacturers can use to support construction development. Specifications, BIM and self-managing are the key figures of our tools. Our product information management system Utopis® Platform was, unlike other solutions, specially build for construction business.

Utopis® Platform


ZeeBoer developed a platform for suppliers in the building industry. Utopis® Platform (UP) is the only product information management system (PIM) developed for the construction business.

Utopis ® Platform

Utopis® Platform is typically neutral. Information processed today therefor is suited for spreading in future structures. UP combines product information with systems engineering and specification writing. In addition, reference projects or customised advices can be added.

Utopis ® Platform

  • As a complete product information management tool (PIM)
  • Combined or linked to your existing PIM or ERP
  • As a solution for e.g. specification writing, product advice, BIM, and/or references

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More information

We would like to show you how you can bring your product data, application knowledge, references and system solutions to a higher level and manage it yourself.

Our clients

ZeeBoer serves manufacturers, suppliers and trading companies. We also support specificatiën writers and supply marketers in the construction area.

Several of our 120 clients have been with us for more than 20 years. Our solutions give knowledge, support the acquisition process, give leads and a long-term return on marketing investment

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New website and configurator for S&P

Reinforcement has a new website. The system configurator for asphalt reinforcement and external adhesive reinforcement has also been renewed. The specification service uses Utopis® Platform, the product information management system for construction. See the examples below and www.sp-reinforcement.nl/nl-BENELUX/bestekservice. ” template=”default” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]

Knowledge session: “Better leads and conversations”

On Thursday July 12th, ZeeBoer and Social View will organize a knowledge session for better leads and conversations in building industry. The following topics will be discussed during the meeting. Of course there is room for questions, your own input and discussion. The construction world is becoming flatter What do prescribers want? Building good leads …

Our team

ZeeBoer not only has loyal customers. Our close team form the fundament of our existence.

Maarten Hopman and Antoon Siebert as account managers give advice to our customers. Solutions they carry out are custom-made, but based on Utopis® Platform. This ensures not only speed during implementation, but also good value for money.

Jeroen Houdé and Bernd Kurtze are responsible for front and backend development. For example, Jeroen develops layout and supports clients with questions. Bernd ensures UP is a safe environment which is improved weekly.

Peter Veldhuizen has been involved with ZeeBoer since 2010. From the client-side Peter helped developing Utopis® Platform. In 2015 he joined ZeeBoer as account manager. Since 2017 he is owner of the company and responsible for project management, customer contact and support of Antoon and Maarten. Continue reading “Our team”