The manufacturer as a source of human capital

BIM plays an increasingly prominent role in making choices. Today's construction supplier must respond to a growing need for information.

By providing solutions through a system configurator, specification service or online tool, many manufacturers respond to this need. Information is hereby distributed from a central database. Not only a good specification for specifications or BIM, but also product information on the website, DoP or app remains manageable.

But what about the knowledge that “floats” in the organization. A career switch often leaves a gap within the sales force. This problem is prevented by systematically tracing the knowledge and securing it in a central knowledge base.

Do you want to make better use of human capital as a construction supplier? With a knowledge base in Utopis® Platform, you as a manufacturer can retain and spread the knowledge of your employees. By sharing knowledge in your organization and, if desired, with the market, the expertise of the user and thus your market position grows.

Do you want to make better use of and store your professional knowledge?


ZeeBoer is the PIM specialist for more than 120 A brand suppliers in the construction industry. We are happy to show you what your organization can do in terms of specification specifications.

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