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Provide specification texts for your building solutions? ZeeBoer helps you with STABU, RAW, NBS and BIM specifications

Manufacturers who provide specification texts for their solutions support prescribers. To be mentioned in a tender, you must not only support in making a choice, but also connect with the correct specifications system. Prescribers want to download specifications in RAW, SUF, NBS or OSF format. You miss the mark with a Word document or PDF. Need help? ZeeBoer can help.

Making a product choice in construction requires good tools. Wrong combinations of products are undesirable. Putting together the right solution is not easy in practice without professional knowledge. A specification service provides this. In addition, a specification tool is available 24/7. Even when your advisors have no contact with the prescriber …

In our knowledge base more about the specifications and how you can start specifying. Or see our project examples.

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ZeeBoer is the PIM specialist for more than 120 A brand suppliers in the construction industry. We are happy to show you what your organization can do in terms of specification specifications.

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