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The construction sector places high demands on product information. De is thinking in systems. Utopis® Platform is cloud software specially for product information in the construction sector.

Today’s construction supplier is more and more an information director. Various stakeholders within the construction sector ask for information. Think of the designer, contractor, client and end user. Issues such as BIM, specifications, quality assurance and system thinking are not addressed in many other branches.

Making a product choice in construction requires good tools. Wrong combinations of products are undesirable. Putting together the right solution is not easy in practice without professional knowledge. Many manufacturers therefore set up a product information management system or PIM. With a PIM especially for the construction sector, you can make full use of the expertise of your employees through an online 24/7 advice tool, system configurator, inspiration tool, color mixer and so on.

Maximize your product information for construction?

With Utopis® Platform, in short UP, you have a management tool for product information. Your own assortment forms the basis for this, for example fed from your own ERP. Product information on the fly, PDF product sheets, website (WordPress), system configurator, mobile app or calculator: your assortment deserves maximum distribution.

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ZeeBoer is the PIM specialist for more than 120 A brand suppliers in the construction industry. We are happy to show you what Utopis® Platform can do for your organization.

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