Developing tender specifications as a construction manufacturer? ZeeBoer can help!

Are your solutions rarely mentioned in tenders? Or is there often an incorrect specification of your product? Take the initiative and support specifcation writers with a specs tool.

Creating product specifications for tenders seems easier than it is. You miss the mark with a Word document, Excel or PDF. Prescribers want to download specifications in the right format. STABU or RAW in The Netherlands, C3A in Belgium, GAEB in Germany or NBS for the British market. ZeeBoer has specialized in this.

Specifications texts are often copied from an old project. As a manufacturer, you may often see that you are wrong in the specifications. Wrong specifications of articles make you vulnerable. It will then be easier for your competitor to highlight his alternative. In our knowledge base more about the specifications and how you can start specifying. Or see our project examples.

Why choose a specification tool by ZeeBoer?


ZeeBoer is the PIM specialist for more than 120 A brand suppliers in the construction industry. We are happy to show you what your organization can do in terms of specification specifications.

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