Utopis® Platform disseminates, manages and inspires

Construction marketing requires management of many media. Keeping your assortment up-to-date is therefore time-consuming, costly and presents a high risk of errors. Utopis® Platform offers the solution for building suppliers.

Construction marketing requires management of many media

By dividing information into product, system, project and knowledge, order is created and central management is one of the possibilities. The information remains your property and is managed from one central interface.

UP creates order in the chaos of information types

Used internally and externally

Utopis® Platform can feed your specification writing, but also your product sheets, DoP declaration, references and advice. And not just for external use. UP inspires and supports clients, prescribers and processors, but your own organization also benefits from central information. Knowledge is maintained in this way in your company.


UP has a web service that you can link to external portals or your own ERP system. You decide who receives what information.

The philosophy behind UP

ZeeBoer developed Utopis® Platform for suppliers in the building industry. UP is the only product information management system (PIM) developed for the construction business.

Utopis® Platform is typically neutral. Information processed today therefor is suited for spreading in future structures. UP combines product information with systems engineering and specification writing. In addition, reference projects or customised advices can be added.

  • The PIM for and by construction business
  • Neutral storage, so multi-use and future-oriented
  • Central management and linking to many media

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