Software houses

ZeeBoer works together with Kubus, Systhema, Ibis, Bimforce and other software houses. We do this because we want to optimally provide the end users of our products with information that our customers distribute with our tools.

There are many software houses that focus on construction. ZeeBoer maintains good contacts with several system houses that have proven themselves over the years as top suppliers to the contractor, architect and specification writer.

Kubus architectural solutions

Kubus architectural solutions has been market leader for years in the field of STABU specification-writing software that ZeeBoer also uses. They are at the forefront of further development of automated assembly of building specifications. ZeeBoer and Kubus have a similar vision on the construction process and the possibilities of optimizing processes through the use of ICT tools. For more than 15 years there has been intensive strategic contact aimed at further integration of the mutual software packages.

Cad & Company

S-Details is the first and only web-based specification program with which a link can be realized with your 3D BIM objects. With this link you can create NL/SfB specifications and provide all objects with the STABU2 specification. Due to the smart subscription structure (pay per specification), the use of S-specification is growing steadily. CAD & Company is an interesting partner for ZeeBoer, because they want to continue developing just like us.

Brink / Ibis

Brink publishes with Ibis RAW-related software and is market leader in the field of specification documents for civil engineering. In the development of RAW specification services, we use the IBIS specification software. The periodic contacts between ZeeBoer and IBIS have in the past 25 years led to an optimal alignment between specification-writing software and the online specification services in the Dutch RAW format. The open communication between the companies guarantees for the future a further integration between the mutual software packages.


Bimforce develops software solutions that support and improve BIM processes, such as the BIM content generator VerteX. VerteX and Utopis® Platform fit seamlessly together, so that your system information can not only be shown in specifications, but also in BIM. Directly in the software or from your website. You do not have to model yourself with VerteX and Utopis® Platform. Your product data is linked to, for example, Revit and ArchiCAD. This saves costs, but more importantly: you can independently ensure that the information remains up-to-date.

Bakker & Spees

Bakker & Spees makes software for specifications, calculations and communication during the construction process. You want to know how much construction costs per kilometer, what you need for construction. Progress, risks, safety and environmental requirements, everything must be visible on time. Even if your structure is 50 kilometers long.

De Twee Snoeken

Just like ZeeBoer, De Twee Snoeken supports the Open Specification Format (OSF) in its specification writing package Woordpoort. ZeeBoer and De Twee Snoeken are in contact with each other and other software houses about the development and further expansion of OSF.

The ZeeBoer team

Our team consists of enthusiastic specialists. The combination of building knowledge, involvement, marketing and IT makes us focused, flexible and effective.

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