ZeeBoer and KOMO have an important common goal: to find the right building solution for an architectural problem.

Many construction suppliers ask ZeeBoer to develop instruments so that designers can clearly make the right choice. This means that the best product is correctly described in the tender specifications. This benefits the quality.

Quality products for the building industry are recognisable by the KOMO quality mark. Products with a KOMO quality mark have been objectively tested and approved. Time and time again. With KOMO you are certain: This is quality as promised. Now that the European market has been harmonized through the CPR legislation, for example, KOMO continues to have a major influence on quality assurance.

Tender texts according to KOMO

Manufacturers who market their solutions with a KOMO quality declaration can also adapt their specification texts to this. It is possible to specify quality requirements for both RAW and STABU2 specifications.

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More information is available from ZeeBoer or on the KOMO website.

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