Ketenstandaard (Chain Standard)

ZeeBoer works together with Stichting Ketenstandaard (Dutch for Chain Standard Foundation) on a good digital exchange of product information and professional knowledge between construction partners.

Ketenstandard manages DICO, the standard for transaction data, the ETIM classification for a generic product choice and the STABU specification system. Manufacturers who want to comply with one of these standards will find the right partner in ZeeBoer.

Digital building file

During the development, construction, maintenance and renovation of a building, a lot of information is exchanged between the different construction partners. Ketenstandard and ZeeBoer are of the opinion that this exchange should take place digitally. Only then will knowledge be used optimally. Utopis® Platform, the product information system that ZeeBoer developed for the construction industry, therefore fits in seamlessly with the digital building file.

Manufacturer’s product specification

ZeeBoer’s roots lie with STABU. Our founders Reindert de Boer and Ok van Megchelen came up with the manufacturer’s product specification (FPS) in the early 1980s. We still have a lot of contact with Ketenstandaard. For example, to include the specification system even better in the BIM model. Incidentally, we are also a bit of competition, because Ketenstandaard not only monitors standards, but also exploits them commercially.

Like to know more?

For more information contact ZeeBoer or vist the website of Ketenstandaard (Dutch).

The ZeeBoer team

Our team consists of enthusiastic specialists. The combination of building knowledge, involvement, marketing and IT makes us focused, flexible and effective.

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