From specification service to product information management

ZeeBoer was founded in 1984 as “De Boer van Megchelen” and focused on the use and development of STABU and RAW specification services. After the launch of the first service for Rockwool Lapinus, the company developed into the market leader in this field.

Characteristic for ZeeBoer is the broad, independent approach. By researching and continuing to monitor market needs, information can be offered in virtually any desired system.

Broad focus
Almost all sectors within the construction sector belong to our clients. Often in one sector several A-suppliers are clients at ZeeBoer. Some for more than 25 years.
ZeeBoer was in 2009 at the birth of Meanwhile, the search engine with over 300,000 technical specifications belongs to the best-visited portal by prescribers.

Next generation
Since 2012, ZeeBoer products are based on the Utopis® Platform developed in-house. UP meets the need to publish more than just a specification text. Developed by and for the construction, Utopis® Platform is the only PIM in which application information is integrated.

In 2017 Reindert and Margreet de Boer said goodbye to ZeeBoer.

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