Our team

ZeeBoer not only has loyal customers. Our close team form the fundament of our existence.

Maarten Hopman and Antoon Siebert as account managers give advice to our customers. Solutions they carry out are custom-made, but based on Utopis® Platform. This ensures not only speed during implementation, but also good value for money.

Jeroen Houdé and Bernd Kurtze are responsible for front and backend development. For example, Jeroen develops layout and supports clients with questions. Bernd ensures UP is a safe environment which is improved weekly.

Peter Veldhuizen has been involved with ZeeBoer since 2010. From the client-side Peter helped developing Utopis® Platform. In 2015 he joined ZeeBoer as account manager. Since 2017 he is owner of the company and responsible for project management, customer contact and support of Antoon and Maarten.

Our identity

ZeeBoer was founded in 1984 by Reindert de Boer and Ok van Megchelen. Over the years we specialised in the field of product and application information. Specification writing is key. Read more.

Chain cooperation and partners

ZeeBoer maintains contact with different partners in the (Dutch) building column.