Tidy up your desk
Tidy up your desk

Tidy up your desk

It’s January 10 – Clear Your Desk Day. Seems like a useful activity to us. ZeeBoer keeps the desks tidy in Vaassen and at our home workplaces. This gives less stress and is ergonomically better. What about in your organization?

How about just your “virtual” desktop? Many professionals perish in the various Excel sheets circulating within their organization. With a lot of effort and frustration as a result…

  • No overvieuw calls for mistakes.
  • The timeliness of the information is often a problem.
  • There are often multiple versions or “truths”.
  • Who is responsible for updates?

By managing all those different Excel files, PDFs, images and processing advice step by step in a central place, you not only create an overview, but you prevent errors and thus save money.

Nice is not it? How Spacious Your Desk On Day leads to setting up a PIM. Knowing more? But make an appointment, then we’ll show you how you can get started step by step!

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