Specification links for PixalPaving
Specification links for PixalPaving

Specification links for PixalPaving

We made a specification tool for PixalPaving. Especially for the smaller, specialized, construction suppliers such as PixalPaving, ZeeBoer has an entry-level version of the specificationservice: Utopis® Lite or “Specification links”.

PixalPaving imprints symbols, images, attention, indication, prohibition, warning signs, etc. on concrete tiles or baked paving. In addition, the company supplies ColorBricks and ColorTiles marker stones and marker tiles for public spaces. PixalPaving’s products can be used for a logo, historic buildings, commemorative or anniversary tile, marking of parking spaces and for the schoolyard.

A good RAW description is made in three steps for PixalPaving, ColorBricks or ColorTiles. Visit the specificationtool here.






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