Positive developments regarding STABU web catalog
Positive developments regarding STABU web catalog

Positive developments regarding STABU web catalog

The association for Dutch specification experts (BNB) organized a session last Friday. ZeeBoer was also present as a member. An interesting meeting, because the latest developments concerning STABU2 were discussed. In addition, STABU recently merged into Stichting Ketenstandaard. This was also explained.

Developments for specifications writers

Spec writers will be working with a live web catalog from now on. ZeeBoer will continue to update its customers’ STABU specification services. KUBUS and Systhema, two software packages for spec writers, presented their developments. The use of SUF format to store specifications is not recommended any further. SUF (STABU exchange format) works poorly with the new web catalog. However, the use of OSF is flawless. In future, ZeeBoer will therefore discontinue the SUF format within its tools.

Developments for manufacturers and suppliers

There are also interesting developments for manufacturers. For example the possibility to make free specifications. These Open FPSs are a free alternative to FPS. Specification tools, however, remain popular among specification experts due to the support that the tools offer. ZeeBoer naturally likes to remain your advisor in this field. Want to know more? Contact ZeeBoer for free advice or take a look at our knowledge base for background information.

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