New future for ZeeBoer
New future for ZeeBoer

New future for ZeeBoer

With a signature, a firm handshake and the lifting of a glass, Reindert de Boer and Peter Veldhuizen have confirmed the new future for ZeeBoer b.v.
In the presence of the employees, this week the agreement was signed with which Peter takes over the management and ownership of the business advice bureau founded in 1984 as of July 1st.

Peter knows ZeeBoer as a customer from 2007 and was immediately impressed by the ZeeBoer product. In 2015, the logical transition from construction subsidy to the service provider followed. Since then he has got to know the ZeeBoer product from the other side and has successfully completed the necessary projects.

With the experience as client and consultant, Peter intends to further develop Utopis Platform – the basis for both BIM and system services and a full product information system (PIM) – and to adapt it to the changing needs within the construction chain.

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