New editor for WordPress
New editor for WordPress

New editor for WordPress

ZeeBoer customers who have a WordPress website can soon opt for a new editor.

The old well-known editor of WordPress was replaced at the beginning of this year by “Gutenberg”. A new way of posting. However, not all website functions can work directly with Gutenberg. In addition, web editors has to get used to a new way of working. Gutenberg has caused a lot of turmoil in the world.

The ZeeBoer solution

ZeeBoer will update all websites. This keeps the functionality of the old editor available. This allows users to get used to it slowly and all functions of the site will continue to do so. Questions? Contact us for more information.

Link with Utopis® Platform

Do you also have a website in WordPress? Or are you considering a new website? With the Utopis® WP Plugin you can link your website to Utopis® Platform, with product information management system (PIM) for construction. With this you can manage your product information even more from one central source or you can link your website to your ERP system. Knowing more? Please contact us for more information.

About WordPress

WordPress is the open source cms that finds more and more entrance in the world. Open source seems to be a buzzword. However, there are also disadvantages to open source. You for instance have to adapt the developments that the “WordPress community” does. More importantly, hackers have an easy target in the most used cms. Make sure your website is up-to-date. No worries: ZeeBoer carries out updates for all its customers.


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