Collaborate? Certainly!
Collaborate? Certainly!

Collaborate? Certainly!

Whether ZeeBoer cooperate with others? That question was asked last Saturday on International Cooperation Day. Well, we can give some examples of that.

The renewal of the Stabu system is currently a hot topic in terms of building specifications. Together with Kubus, Duncan, Systhema, De Twee Snoeken, Cadac and STABU, ZeeBoer wants to transform the existing and successful STABU2 into a BIM-proof system.

With regard to the exchange of product data, we work together with the Stichting Ketenstandaard. They manage ETIM. ETIM is a classification standard that also allows construction suppliers to exchange their assortment with the trade or other parties.


Manufacturers who want to enter BIM with their products no longer need to develop expensive libraries. ZeeBoer cooperates with Bimforce to link existing specifications with VerteX, Bimforce’s BIM solution.

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