BNB über STABU-Konditionen ZNE BNB über STABU-Konditionen ZNE
BNB über STABU-Konditionen ZNE BNB über STABU-Konditionen ZNE

BNB über STABU-Konditionen ZNE

ZeeBoer took part in a session of BNB, the association for Dutch building specification experts. BNB represents more than just specification writers and calls itself “building specification experts”. ZeeBoer has been involved with BNB since its establishment. Two major topics were on the agenda.

STABU administrative conditions

First, the provisions in the STABU specifications have been changed. If you want to deviate from the standard administrative conditions (UAV) in a construction project, you must note this in the chapter one of the STABU-specification: an important part of the contract. Provisions can also be of interest to manufacturers. If you supply specific systems, storage, processing and testing of these materials can be important. BNB member Mynko van der Graaf gave a good explanation of all changes on behalf of the working group.

Striking: STABU itself was not represented during this users session. Competitor / colleague National Specification System (NBS) was and gave some examples of the way in which NBS deals with provisions.


Second subject: BENG, Dutch for ZNE or Zero Net Energy. Evert Reemst of M3E updated the attendees about this topic. Not only insulation and equipment play a role in energy-neutral construction. BENG or ZNE is more or less a mixer in which the correct ratio of energy measures is of great importance. The degree of insulation, the amount of solar panels and heat recovery method. A factor that has remained unexposed until now: the location of the building. A lot of glass on the south side causes the building to warm up, for which solutions have to be found. Urban planning must therefore take place from a BENG or ZNE scoop.

Conclusion: share your knowledge

Urban planners, prescribers and designers still struggle with ZNE. The manufacturer has a great deal of knowledge about energy-neutral and climate-adaptive solutions. Suppliers that make this knowledge available to prescribers and designers are therefore at the forefront. Want to know more about making your construction solutions available? Contact ZeeBoer for more information.

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