AGC glass configurator launched
AGC glass configurator launched

AGC glass configurator launched

AGC Glass is the largest flat glass producer in the world and produces, processes and improves flat glass for the construction, interior design, automotive and solar industries. Together with the experts from AGC Glass, ZeeBoer has developed the STABU specification service that makes it easy to put together the right products for your project. Precisely because glass is available in so many different compositions, the 5 steps in the specification service provide extra support in choosing the right glass for your project.

With the inclusion of all product and system data in Utopis® Platform, a specification service has been made for AGC Glass that is easy to keep up to date. By adding products yourself and managing the data in our data management environment or via Excel, assortment changes are quickly implemented. With the link to the different STABU templates, specifications can be built dynamically with the current data from Utopis® Platform.

By using an I-frame or a subdomain, it is possible to include ZeeBoer’s tools within your own website, thus looking as one. The subdomain is particularly good for your findability within search engines.

Visit the AGC Glass specification service here




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