We would like to keep you informed of the latest activities of our team and developments in the market.

ZeeBoer closely follows developments in the construction industry. For many clients we are a reliable consultant in the field of building information management.

22 Aug 2019

Website for boon beton live

ZeeBoer was given the opportunity by Ronald Boon to create a new website. Ronald started as boon beton in August. As a dealer in concrete and clay paving materials, the strong point of boon beton is relieving contractors in the civil engineering sector. ZeeBoer developed a website together with Huqson that can be expanded in […]
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15 Jul 2019

UP-date van ZeeBoer

Immediately before the summer holidays a short UP-date about ourselves. In recent weeks we have carried out the necessary updates to Utopis® Platform (UP). Speed ​​and other functions have been improved. Because UP as PIM can be widely used for construction, we as ZeeBoer are also working on other areas. Think of: the transformation towards […]
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08 Jul 2019

Collaborate? Certainly!

Whether ZeeBoer cooperate with others? That question was asked last Saturday on International Cooperation Day. Well, we can give some examples of that. The renewal of the Stabu system is currently a hot topic in terms of building specifications. Together with Kubus, Duncan, Systhema, De Twee Snoeken, Cadac and STABU, ZeeBoer wants to transform the […]
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25 Jun 2019

Updated system specification for Eurorail

The specification system from Eurorail has had a styling update, so that it has become one with their website. The following product groups have also been added: vehicle-facing handrail terminals spring collision protection sheet steel divers Visit the updated system specification here.  
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20 Jun 2019

Renewed specification configurator for Jan Kuipers

The Systemspecification of Jan Kuipers Nunspeet has been completely renewed and now runs on the basis of Utopis® Platform. A lot of graphic material has been included to make the selection process as easy as possible, with a complete specificationservice as the final result. In terms of styling, the renewed service completely fits the website […]
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03 Jun 2019

World Cycling Day

Today is World Cycling Day. ZeeBoer has established that 50% of its people came to work by bike today. But also nice: at you can find quite an impressive list of customers and bicycle solutions. We are proud of it. See
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23 May 2019

Manufacturer’s day about the future of STABU

The connections between STABU and ZeeBoer are good. Today Peter Veldhuizen was present at the manufacturers day. The transition from STABU2 to BIM and NL/SfB was discussed and the function of specifications in general. Conclusion: the BIM model needs product data and cannot do without a contract.
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23 May 2019

Renewed configurator for Sikkens

ZeeBoer has completely renewed its online STABU specificationsconfigurator for new construction and maintenance projects on behalf of Sikkens building paints. After completing your project conditions, Sikkens offers you a suitabe paint system in wich the structure with every layer of paint is made transparent. In the next step, your system structure will be translated into […]
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17 May 2019

Jeroen at Google Digital Workplace

Jeroen Houdé is visiting the digital workplace of Google today. The tech company this week visits Apeldoorn and ZeeBoer will be updated on the latest developments in the field of SEO.  
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16 May 2019

Heras Mobile Fencing adds Revit to specification service

Heras has had a system configurator at ZeeBoer for many years. The BIM Revit Family files that Heras Mobile Fencing & Security has developed are now also offered per specific solution from this specification configurator.  
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13 May 2019

Renovation Fair 2019

The 2019 Renovation Fair will take place in the Brabanthallen in ‘s -Hertogenbosch on 14,15 and 16 May. ZeebOer customers are also present here. More information and admission tickets can be found through
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29 Apr 2019

Architectenpunt about human capital

The April issue of Architectenpunt is dedicated to safeguarding and distributing human capital. On behalf of ZeeBoer, Peter Veldhuizen gave a interview for this issue. He tells about how ZeeBoer deals with the concept of knowledge. The construction is not only struggling with an aging workforce. More and more people are generally trained. The manufacturer […]
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15 Apr 2019

AquaBASE launches advisory tool

ZeeBoer was allowed to expand the functionalities that AquaBASE offers its customers. Whith AquaBase’s new specification service, decision makers have an advisory tool at their disposal in the field of stable water buffering. Through a few simple steps, a complete specifications in RAW is achieved. However, the end goal does not have to be a […]
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11 Apr 2019

30 parties sign Digideal GO

Today, 30 parties from the Dutch construction sector signed the Digideal GO. Under this heading, among others, Bouwend Nederland, the government and other partners want to encourage construction to get more out of digitization. The Digideal GO initiative can only be welcomed, we think. How can you, as a manufacturer, respond step by step to […]
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10 Apr 2019

ZeeBoer provides BIM session during Building Holland

Building Holland started on Wednesday with a breakfast session from FBS. Together with Kabu and Bimforce, ZeeBoer took up the challenge for this new initiative by FBS. The association wants to promote the dissemination of knowledge. This first breakfast session had the theme From specification service to BIM. As a manufacturer, how do you respond […]
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04 Apr 2019

ZeeBoer client at Building Holland event

From 9 to 11 April, various customers of ZeeBoer will be present at the Amsterdam Rai at the Building Holland fair. Building Holland is a annual three-day exhibition installation and real estate sector. Visitors and exhibitors come toghether at this fair to share knowledge, network, do buisiness and see & experience innovative products en concepts. You can […]
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01 Apr 2019

We have renewed our website

We thought it was time for a new website. We proudly present ourselves, our services and our portfolio. In addition, space for our customers and knowledge from the world of construction marketing. In the past period we developed a Utopis® plugin for WordPress. Manufacturers in the construction industry can feed their website from Utopis® Platform. […]
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25 Mar 2019

Breakfast session about BIM on 10 April

The FBS association is organizing a breakfast session for manufactures, together with Kabu, ZeeBoer and Bimforce where the value of BIM for the manufacturer is explained. The following questions will be discussed and answered: What is the value BIM for the manufacturer? What does a BIM model look like? Specify and System Thinking Linking existing […]
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18 Mar 2019

Customer Day March 19th

Tuesday, March 19th is Customer Day. We have no idea who created that. ZeeBoer also does not participate in all special days. Nevertheless, we liked to pay some attention to our many loyal clients. If all goes well, everyone has a cake for coffee. We have already started! Respond? Or not receive the cake? Leave […]
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18 Mar 2019

Siemens Building Automation launches a new specification service

With the new STABU specification service from Siemens Building Automation you can generate complete specifications for building automation systems quickly and easily. Ideal for specifications writers, consultants and installers. ZeeBoer is proud that, after Siemens Fire Safety, it was also allowed to make this advice tool! A system configurator or specification service is interesting for […]
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14 Mar 2019 becomes has been updated and is now called The online portal has been successful for more than ten years in the dissemination of construction specifications. In recent years, many RAW and STABU specifications services have been transformed into all-round specification tools. BIM and decision support play an important role in this. Perhaps that is […]
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11 Mar 2019

Update website Lansink

Lansink, the Dutch civil constructor, has given its website a refurbishment. The website was ready for some major WordPress updates. This opportunity was used to adjust the lay out slightly.  Visit the Lansink website. WordPress and Utopis® Platform ZeeBoer develops websites for construction. WordPress is becoming more and more leading in this. A Utopis® WP […]
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07 Mar 2019

Vakbeurs sportaccommodaties

The Trade Fair for Sports Facilities will take place on Thursday 14 March at Expo Houten. ZeeBoer customers are also present. ZeeBoer advices constructions suppliers with the dissemination of their product information and solutions. Think of BIM information specifications texts, product sheets and websites. For free registration, visit
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05 Mar 2019

What does the Quality Assurance Act mean for me?

On March 5th 2019 the Dutch Senate will consider the Quality Assurance for Building Act before it is put to the vote. On February 21st 2017, the law was already passed by the House of Representatives. In the law, the contractor is responsible for the final result that he produces. Suppliers of building materials are […]
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04 Mar 2019

Wijzonol tehnichal paint advice APP

With the Wijzonol Technical Paint Advice App you can create paint advice for every painting job, just in a few steps. The App shows on the basis of the answered quistions which paint systems are most suitable for your situation. Through Utopis ® Platform, the available paint systems are linkend to the Wijzonol Paint Technical Advice […]
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28 Feb 2019

New editor for WordPress

ZeeBoer customers who have a WordPress website can soon opt for a new editor. The old well-known editor of WordPress was replaced at the beginning of this year by “Gutenberg”. A new way of posting. However, not all website functions can work directly with Gutenberg. In addition, web editors has to get used to a […]
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25 Feb 2019

Bleijko manages product information from a single source

Bleijko, Fassaert Beton and Haringman Betonwaren, all part of De Hoop Terneuzen, manage their assortment in Utopis® Platform. Product information for PDF and website and specification texts are controlled from one central product database. Utopis® Platform was developed especially for construction as a product information management system (PIM). Not only all single articles, but especially […]
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18 Jan 2019

Interesting InfraTech 2019

Maarten and Peter visited the biennial InfraTech on behalf of ZeeBoer this week. In terms of parking policy, this fair can get some improvement, but we were further enthusiastic. No less than 22 brands from the ZeeBoer stable were present. We could not have a chat with everyone (nice the fair was busy), but it […]
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14 Jan 2019

ZeeBoer present at information day digitization

Manufacturers of building materials are the source of product information. Good data ensures better findability and therefore better product sales. It is important that this data is exchanged in an unambiguous way. On Wednesday afternoon January 30, Stichting Ketenstandaard (ETIM Netherlands) together with ZeeBoer and other partners organizes an information afternoon about digitization in the […]
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07 Jan 2019

2019: the year of Digideal

On behalf of ZeeBoer the best wishes for 2019! The coming year will be dominated by Digideal. More information will follow. Keep an eye on our website and social media channels. Digideal: making the renovation of the Netherlands affordable Because we face major construction challenges in the Netherlands, the construction sector signed a letter of intent […]
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06 Dec 2018

Update for STABU-specifications

The construction industry still needs a contract or specification document. STABU2 is regarded as the leading system for the Netherlands. The autumn update 2018 is currently being processed by ZeeBoer in all specification services. Compared with version 2017, more than 1,470 specifications have been updated. The future of STABU specifications Does STABU have a future? […]
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13 Sep 2018

Team building for ZeeBoer at Texel

Our team building on Texel was a success. Hans Peter van den Bosch from Wad Eigenwijz provided a good program. Partly because of this, the useful was combined with the pleasant. A must for our own relationships!
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01 Jan 2018

Antoon Siebert participates in ZeeBoer

Antoon Siebert, who has been working as project leader B & U at ZeeBoer since 2009, has taken a minority interest of 20% into the company from 1 January 2018. In 2017 Peter Veldhuizen took over ZeeBoer from Reindert de Boer, who retired after more than 30 years. The plans for a partnership between Antoon […]
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01 Jul 2017

New future for ZeeBoer

With a signature, a firm handshake and the lifting of a glass, Reindert de Boer and Peter Veldhuizen have confirmed the new future for ZeeBoer b.v. In the presence of the employees, this week the agreement was signed with which Peter takes over the management and ownership of the business advice bureau founded in 1984 as […]
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Our clients

AGC Glass Zoontjens Ytong Xella Nederland BV Weston Isolatie BV Wijzonol Bouwverven BV Saint-Gobain Weber Beamix BV Wédéflex Duurzame Daksystemen Vitrulan Textile Glass GmbH Wavin Nederland Verweij Houttechniek Velux VelopA-Citystyle BV Van Wylick v.d. Bosch Beton Trespa International BV Tri-On TG Lining bv TotaalDakConcept TenCate Geosynthetics Europe Struyk Verwo Infra Strikolith BV Struyk Verwo Aqua BV Siniat BV Soprema S&P Clever Reinforcement Benelux BV Silka Sierbeton Industrie Markelo BV / SIMbeton Sika Nederland BV Sikkens Bouwverven Sigma Coatings Siemens Nederland N.V. Building Technologies SealEco Schindler SAB-profiel Safe Road Holland BV Roval Rubet International BV Rockwool Benelux BV Rockfon Rockwool Rockpanel BV PVN Bestratingsvoegen RDI Straatbaksteen PCI Afbouw Pulastic Sportvloeren Oostwoud International BV Otis BV Nophadrain Koninklijke Mosa bv Mosa Facades bv Monier BV MBI B.V. De Meteoor Meuwissen Bouwprodukten BV Martens kunststoffen BV Leicon Martens beton BV Knauf Insulation BV Köster Afdichtingssystemen BV Kingspan Insulation BV Kingspan Unidek BV Kemper Keerwanden BV Kijlstra BV Saint-Gobain Isover Jan Kuipers Nunspeet Isoniq International Paint Nederland BV Insulation Solutions Hertek BV Icopal bv IKO bv Henken Veenendaal Heras BV Hebel Heembeton Gebr. Griekspoor BV Haringman Fytodak Europe BV Giverbo BV Forbo Flooring BV Pittsburgh Corning Nederland BV fonofloor BV Fermacell BV Fassaert Beton BV Falco BV Eurorail BV Eurofast Forbo Eurocol BV EKOTEX Esha Infra Solutions bv Eternit BV Easypath Nederland BV Saint-Gobain Ecophon BV DYCORE BV DYKA bv Du Mont Beton Diamant Beton BV Dikkenberg Beton Dow Benelux BV De Hoop DG Rubber BV Concrelit Nijmeegse Betonindustrie De Hamer BV Calduran Kalkzandsteen BV Coba Afbouwproducten BV Knauf BoWall BUVA Rationele bouwprodukten Bleijko Betonindustrie BV Bolidt Kunststoftoepassing BV Bosch Beton Keerwanden Bike-Safe BV BIA Beton BV Benefil Nederland BV Hardschuimvullingen Bergschenhoek Civiele Techniek BV B&G Hekwerk BASF IKO nv AGS Products BV AquaBASE BV Acon BV ACO BV