May you, as a manufacturer, be prescribedin tender specifications?

According to European legislation, governments are not allowed to just commit to a particular supplier. Neutral prescribing is usually mandatory in public works. However, there are exceptions to this rule. 

  • Your product distinguishes itself aesthetically from other products
  • The requested system must match a previously applied solution
  • Stating a manufacturer’s name is necessary due to delivery time and logistics

As a manufacturer you can therefore be mentioned in the specifications on the basis of the above exceptions. Specifiers generally appreciate good support in putting together a correct tender specification. By the way, the European rules only apply to public works. The project owner does not have to adhere to this in a private project.

In the selection tools and specification services that ZeeBoer makes for its clients, the name of the manufacturer is stated by default. Naturally the specifier decides whether to include the name in his specification. Note: even if your name isn’t in the specifications, you can distinguish yourself in the market. ZeeBoer can also be of service to manufacturers for these neutral specifications.

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