Curious as to what ZeeBoer can do for you as a manufacturer or supplier in the construction sector? ZeeBoer helps more than 100 manufacturers with the distribution of product information, specifications, specification texts and BIM data.

During an introductory meeting we discuss, without obligation of course, the solutions that you offer for construction. In what way do you now distribute product information? Does a prescriber, architect, specifications writer or BIM modeller know where to find you?

STABU and RAW are contract forms for construction. STABU and RAW are both a specification system. STABU is a standard that is used specifically for residential construction and B&U. RAW is a standard for ground, road and hydraulic engineering (GWW). Recording agreements is important. Also in a BIM process. STABU and RAW are increasingly being combined with BIM.

The manufacturer is a knowledge partner for construction. It is interesting for suppliers to work out solutions for inclusion in STABU or RAW. ZeeBoer can support you with this.


The retention of knowledge or human capital is a hot item. Like many other organizations, construction has to deal with aging. In addition, professionals often take a next step in their career. Save your solutions and products in a central database. Then start recording the general professional knowledge within your organization. Such a knowledge base then becomes a kind of next level business manual. Colleagues, dealers, but also end users can benefit from the knowledge that is present. ZeeBoer is happy to help you with this.

Where do you start as a manufacturer if you want to come in more often? How are you prescribed? ZeeBoer can help with this, because for more than 30 years we have been helping suppliers in the construction industry to distribute their product information, specification texts and BIM information.

  1. What are your solutions for construction?
  2. Where is the difference between your products and systems?
  3. How, where, why, for whom?

Contact ZeeBoer and we will go through these questions with you. Without obligation of course.

ZeeBoer is a co-initiator of Open Specifications Format (OSF). OSF is a file format for specifications. Think of product specifications, specifications and project specifications. Independent of the classification used.

Previously, a STABU specification was saved in SUF format. Today STABU uses OSF for its catalog and updates. In addition, KOMO has created a library based on OSF and ZeeBoer itself naturally also uses OSF for its specification texts.

Manufacturers can easily manage their DoP or CE declaration thanks to the Utopis® Platform from ZeeBoer. A Declaration of Performance, also called a DoP or CE declaration, is a European declaration by the manufacturer about the performance of a product. The producer must say something about the essential product characteristics.

For some products, few or no characteristics at all have been set by Europe. For some industries, however, keeping a DoP is a lot of work. Here the characteristics often change or there are just many things that you have to record for a product. At that time it is interesting to start managing from a central database. Certainly if you already maintain a database with product characteristics for specification services, website or documentation. In this way, managing DoPs becomes easier, faster, cheaper and error-free.

ZeeBoer is a co-initiator of Open Specifications Format (OSF). OSF is a file format for specifications. Think of product specifications, specifications and project specifications. Independent of the classification used.

Previously, a STABU specification was saved in SUF format. Today STABU uses OSF for its catalog and updates. In addition, KOMO has created a library based on OSF and ZeeBoer itself naturally also uses OSF for its specification texts.

Digideal for the Built Environment: making the renovation of the Netherlands affordable. Because we are facing major construction challenges in the Netherlands, the construction sector signed a letter of intent last year together with the Ministry of the Interior. Objective: achieve a digital coherence of construction projects. Consider the total life cycle of a building or infrastructure project.

ZeeBoer helps manufacturers make choices
We notice that many manufacturers are thinking about their role in Digideal GO. However, we also hear that people no longer see the forest for the trees. ZeeBoer wants to highlight topics that manufacturers can work with.

  • Exchange of product data and solution
  • Linking your solutions to BIM
  • Smarter configurators for construction
  • Use and management of website, media and socials

As a manufacturer, do you want to respond step by step to Digideal GO? Then contact us to exchange knowledge.

The websites of ZeeBoer and use functional and analytical cookies. This also applies to most online tools that we have made for our clients. These cookies are used to keep the website functioning properly and to obtain website statistics. With these two cookies there is no question of privacy sensitive information.

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More information can be found at the Dutch government website

ZeeBoer pays its suppliers quickly. Because we pay our invoices at a fixed time in the month, usually at the end of the third week of the month, the average payment period is 15 to 16 days.
Individual products play a minor role in construction. The combination of products and the right workmanship together make a good solution. Manufacturers are the most important supplier of knowledge for this. ZeeBoer advises and supports manufacturers and suppliers in the distribution and management of their solutions.

PIM stands for product information management system. ZeeBoer helps manufacturers to create tools that configure a good solution for construction. UP (Utopis® Platform) forms the basis for this.

Products play an important role within a system solution. The product data in UP is not only interesting for a good building specification. Documentation, product sheets and DoPs also use product information from UP.

A specification is the contract document in construction. This includes agreements between the client and the contractor. Although construction is increasingly using a BIM model, the contract document is indispensable. The combination of a good problem statement, a correct product description and correct representation of the requirements for the end result therefore remains necessary.

The Quality Assurance for Building Act guarantees the relationship between project developer, building consumer and contractor. This strengthens the position of the private and business building consumer. Due to the increasing complexity in construction, a revision of the current system of quality assurance is necessary.

In the law, the contractor is responsible for the final result that he produces. Suppliers of building materials are closely involved in the proper delivery of a building project as an important knowledge partner of the construction process.

By properly documenting and distributing your solution, the required materials and the processing thereof, you are responding to the law.

EMVI is the Dutch abbreviation for Economical Most Advantageous Tender. The registration price of the project is determined not only by labor and material, but also by other matters. For example efficiency, environmental effects, communication with the end users etc. ZeeBoer is happy to help you highlight the unique features of your solutions. Together we can make a good request specification or correct answer specification.

The Dutch Association for Specification Experts (BNB) was founded in 2001 on the initiative of, among others, ZeeBoer. BNB is a union for tenderers, contract experts and BIM modellers. Sharing, spreading and acquiring knowledge is the goal here.

STABU is the independent organization that standardizes and manages building specifications for the Dutch building process. Bouwbreed (Dutch for construction wide) has been developed to participate in the BIM process. However, this new system was insufficiently taken over by users and suppliers.

STABU has been working with ZeeBoer since 2018 to establish a good link with the BIM model. SfB plays an important role here.

NL/SfB is the Dutch variant of SfB. Yes, SfB is an old classification method. However, the Building Smart Data Dictionarry (BSDD) used in BIM is based on SfB. This makes the classification completely hip again. ZeeBoer likes to translate your solutions for a good connection to BIM.
Since 1984. In the first instance, Reindert de Boer and Ok van Megchelen started under the name "De Boer van Megchelen Bouwinformatiemanagement". In 1997, ZeeBoer became the new company name. Read more about our company here.

ZeeBoer has been doing business with BIT and CSN for years. Our servers are hosted by CSN and are located in the data center of BIT in Ede (Gld). The way in which your website or online tool is linked to the internet depends strongly on the data center. BIT is a specialist and works for many large parties in the Netherlands and the rest of the world. The BIT data center runs entirely on wind energy and is therefore CO2-neutral.


With an insulation value, the system plays a major role. The loose parts of a roof or wall affect the calculation. ZeeBoer has developed advisory tools for various insulation manufacturers that calculate an insulation value. The various components are linked to Utopis® Platform and easy to maintain.

Our team.

ZeeBoer not only has loyal customers. Our close team is the fundament of our existence.

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