Oxfam Novib

ZeeBoer is involved in the microfinance of start-up entrepreneurs via Oxfam Novib's Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs network.

ZeeBoer, together with Oxfam Novib, supports entrepreneurs in Africa and Asia in starting their businesses. When we gave ZeeBoer a new future in 2017, the local bank offered the right financing. Local financing is an important key to Oxfam Novib’s success. Entrepreneurs can use their first credit to purchase a sewing machine, cow or seed. The results turn out to be astonishing: 97% of the first-year loans are actually repaid within one year.



After the first year, Oxfam remains involved with advice and follow-up support. The entrepreneur himself also plays a role in guiding others. The work of the Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs Network then spreads like wildfire.

ZeeBoer supports entrepreneurs in Africa and Asia from a firm conviction. Everything to achieve the United Nations Global Goals. Want to know more about our support? Visit the website or contact us. We will be happy to explain.

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