About us

ZeeBoer helps manufacturers disseminate product information and system specifications for construction. Think of specification texts, BIM information, product sheets, calculation tools and much more.

Our team has a perfect combination of construction, marketing and data knowledge. With this we were the first to develop a product management system (PIM) that was specially built for the construction sector. We offer tools with which our customers spread their knowledge and expertise. We believe that the manufacturer plays an important role within the construction process. He has professional knowledge, knows how to propose solutions and remains involved with the end user even after the completion of a construction project..

Lets meet!

Getting to know ZeeBoer is interesting for construction manufacturers, professionals who are looking for a challenge in the field of ICT or construction information management, but also for other stakeholders within the construction industry.


The ZeeBoer team

Our team consists of enthusiastic specialists. The combination of building knowledge, involvement, marketing and IT makes us focused, flexible and effective.

Our clients